1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk

1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk

Hondas first forays into the sports bike market the CB77 set many firsts for the to become giant manufacturer. For the first time Honda used a tubular construction frame. The CB77 also featured electric start, (although I have got to say it is very easy to start on the kicker) single overhead camshaft, and twin carburettors.

Our bike is in lovely original condition. First owner was a Honda dealer in Hobart whom kept it for many years. Then it went to Japanese motorcycle enthusiast in Melbourne who kept the Honda in excellent running condition including an engine overhaul in 2003. These bikes were coveted in their day by movie stars and were to feature in many films including Roustabout starring Elvis Presley.

Harley City Collection is the third owner purchasing from a Shannon’s auction in 2018.

Enjoy the ride…

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