1929 Brough Superior OHV 680

1929 Brough Superior OHV 680

VIN # H854
The smaller brother to the Brough SS100 the OHV 680 was introduced in 1926 and continued the rakish lines of its sibling. Our bike left the factory on March 5th 1929. An optional Bentley & Draper sprung frame was available and was specified for this bike. The frame was of advanced design and alters the appearance very little due to its triangular rear sub frame with springs under the seat. With the Castle forks that closely follow the Harley-Davidson design of the period an excellent ride is achieved. Engine is well mannered and the bike is easy to ride with its hand operated clutch and 3 speed hand operated gear change Sturmey Archer gearbox.

The original English license plate UL2608 is still affixed despite it spending sometime in Japan and now residing in Australia. A total of 547 OHV 680’s were built from 1926 to 1936.

Enjoy the ride…

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