1938 Harley-Davidson RH

RH750 Hill Climber Circa 1938

When one goes to document one of the collections racers there are many resources for information available to us. Original documents, factory archives, similar examples in museums and publications featuring articles on the particular model. However on our spaghetti framed side valve 750 ‘RH’, little is available to us.

We know that the model RH exists (we have a crankcase with factory numbers 33RH502. Deciphering Harley numbering systems indicate that number to represent a 750 competition bike from 1933. There are at least a handful of other 750 engine spaghetti framed hill climbers that were known to exist. Documented CAC Speedway racers were using the spaghetti frame type albeit with castings not tube as with our example. Chrome moly tubing and improved welding technology enable this type of construction. Our DAH 33DAH501 has a similar frame of micro diameter tubing. It was built be Harley Dealer in Los Angles Bill Graves.

Albeit our bike be a factory or home-built the component list is certainly an interesting one. Matching belly numbered, unstamped 1936 RL crankcases are mated to a WR styled top end with a forward mounted Splitdorf magneto and Schebler throttle barrel carby. Transmission is a 1936/37 slant top. Front forks the 350 OHV type commonly used by Harley on there later factory hill climbers. Tied together in the afore mentioned spaghetti frame.

Enjoy the ride…

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