About the collection

The Harley City Collection has been assembled by David Reidie over a period of some 40 years. During that time David built and ran Harley City, an authorised Harley-Davidson dealership from 1981 to 2017, and continues collecting, riding, and restoring today.

The collection consists of predominately Harley-Davidson motorycles from the mid-teens to the early fifties, however The Collection also has representation of other significant classic and vintage manufacturers, most notably Crocker, Indian and Vincent.

Amongst the significant Harley-Davidson motorcycles are several original paint, low mileage road bikes, but in recent years the major focus has become motorcycles from the competition department during the period of 1925-1933. The other strong suit is variations of the Two Cam models produced in 1928 and 1929, in both stock and period cut-down versions. The majority of bikes are in running condition and are started and used on a regular basis.

The Collection is currently in storage whilst a new facility is being curated. If you would like to keep up to date with what is happening with the collection follow us on Instagram or sign up to our mailing list.


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